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Looking For Cheap Car Insurance?
What Happens if I dont Buy Car Insurance?
Whats my down payment?
Whats the Rating of My Insurance Company?
Its great to save money but you want to make sure you, your family, your assets and your estate is covered from lawsuits. You can be sued in the event of
a car accident for you policy limits and if that is not enough then in some cases they can attach your pension, 401k, wages, retirement fund etc. You want
to make sure you have the right limits of bodily injury in case your involved in a serious accident resulting in injury, property damage and death. The
average limits of bodily injury for home owners that own one property and have a retirement fund is $100,000 / $300,000 in bodily injury and $100,000 in
property damage. If you have more than that in assets you can purchase up to 1 million in coverage and even an umbrella policy that will increase your
auto and home to 1 million - 5 million. Protect yourself by consulting with an insurance professional.
If you have a vehicle garaged in a state and have that vehicle registered or on the road you will need to purchase your states minimum insurance or
satisfy their financial responsibility laws. If you get in an accident with out insurance or with a lapsed policy you can get in legal trouble and your license
may get suspended. When you cancel a policy or if a policy lapses that insurance carrier will notify your states department of motor vehicles. Thats why it
is a very good idea to cancel your policy when your replacing insurance either by phone, person or fax them a signed request. This will avoid any
miscommunication. The only way to get around insurance is to surrender your tag and when you need to re register your vehicle then you would
purchase another policy.
You can make a down payment with as little as 15% down with some companies. If not then you would make a 20% down payment and be billed
for the remainder. A lot of car insurance companies are giving discounts for EFT payments ( Electronic Funds Transfer ). They would draft the
monthly payments from your savings or checking and give you a discount. The best and most economical way to make your payment and ensure
the best rate is to pay in full. Some companies like Progressive, Auto-Owners, Gmac and many more will give a very nice discount for paying for
the six months or 12 months up front. The paid in full discount can be as much as %15 off the pricer! Not everyone can pay their car insurance in
full that is why they have lower down payment plans available for the consumers interested in them.
There are many insurance carriers in the Unites States. Some are admitted and some are now admitted. The best rating firm that tracks the insurance
companies finances, assets and liabilities would AM Best. AM Best is the rating firm that is the most trusted and used nationwide. You can go to their
website and make sure your insurance company is financially strong with enough liquidity to pay on claims. Sometimes the cheapest isn't always the
Are you paying a high premium? If you are it may be because you are or have a teenage driver or a high risk driver on your policy. A high risk driver is a
driver who has a number of points on their licence because of moving violations or Dui/Dwi convictions. These major violations stay on your record an
average of five years. In fact, the major violations are only on your record for three years. Teenage drivers get a break when they are in their early twenties
and an even bigger brake when they turn twenty five. Drive careful and keep nose clean so you wont have to pay a higher premium for your car
Am I covered to Drive In Other States? Who's covered on my policy?
A lot of Americans worry about coverage out of state. No worries necessary your insurance follows your vehicle. If you are driving in another state on your
vacation and get in an accident you have coverage. The state in which your vehicle is garaged and registered is the state where you should have
insurance coverage. But as we mentioned earlier that insurance coverage will cover you in any state. Of curse you will be subject to your policy limitations.
Teenage Drivers and High Risk Drivers
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What Makes My Auto Insurance Rates Go Up?
There are many factors that car insurance companies use to discount your rate or surcharge your rate. Your insurance history is important. For
example, your prior bodily injury limits and length of time with the prior insurance company is a factor. The most obvious is your motor vehicle report.
If you or any drivers have any at fault accidents or moving violations on your reports you will be charged extra. Believe it or not many carriers will rate
you on your financial responsibility which is similar to credit. Some companies prefer middle aged drivers and yet again many prefer the senior
market. You will always pay more if your are under 25 years old. Once you hit 25 your rating tier is more preferred so you will normally see a decrease
in your rates. Dont get discouraged, you will be discounted if you have the opposite.  If your rate goes up come visit us and save again!!
Insurance Company Ratings
It is always a good idea to research your insurance companies financial stability. You may be considering changing auto
insurance carriers. If this is so visit
AM Best's Website here. We have listed the ratings below
Rating scale used by AM Best:

A++ and A+ (Superior) = superior ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
A and A- (Excellent) = excellent ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
B++ and B+ (Good) = good ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
B and B- (Fair) = fair ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
C++ and C+ (marginal) = marginal ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
C and C- (weak) = weak ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
D (poor) = weak ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
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Do I need Insurance?
You can find cheap car insurance here. Every state has minimum coverage by law that you are required to have.
If you purchase the minimum you will have the lowest down payment and cheapest premium.  You also want to
make sure that you are getting ALL the discounts available. Our site helps our visitors with information that will
help you SAVE MONEY and the ability to quote your coverage with many companies all at once. Every state is
different. For example in Florida you need PIP (personal injury protection) $10,000, and property damage
$10,000 and California's minimum is Bodily Injury of $15.000 per person, $30,000 per accident and $5,000 in
property damage. If you want details on coverage definitions view our insurance glossary.
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Am I Purchasing the Right Limits of Insurance To Cover My Assets?
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Insurance Terms & Insurance Glossary
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Trying to budget you bills? If you are buying a new or used car you can use our loan calculator to figure your monthly payment
and add your insurance payment into the figures. This will tell you your monthly cost for your vehicle & insurance premium.
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